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The Creation of the Google Logo Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 22:16
Google Chrome OS Creation(SURFCHROME.COM) - Goolge posted on their blog that you have 8 days left in their contest for fans to re-create its Chrome browser logo.

The Google Blog states, "Your task? Film yourself building the Google Chrome icon in a creative way, with whatever materials, as big, small, or crazy as you want. We will feature the best submissions".

You have up until July 22 to send in your video clips.
Google Announces Chrome Operating System (OS) for Netbooks Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Wednesday, 08 July 2009 07:58

google chrome os(SURFCHROME.COM) - The Google OS was announced Tuesday evening as a new operating system aimed at the Netbook market. It started with the Google Chrome browser, but now Google is taking the fight directly to Microsoft with its new OS based on the Linux operating system.

The Chrome OS will be a free download vs. Microsoft Windows 7 which will cost netbook manufacturers $45 per unit system. This could significantly reduce the cost of a netbook on the Google Chrome OS.

The benefits claim for fast boot times and ease of use. Similar to the Chrome Browser, the OS will be optimized to use the Google applications for email, spreadsheets, analytics, and simply playing games right from the browser. Read more at the Google Blog article "Introducing the Google Chrome OS". 

Google has been rolling out many innovations over the last year such as the Google Chrome browser, Google Wave, Google Voice, and now Google Chrome OS.  What's next?

Google Chrome URL Spoofing Vulnerability Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Monday, 27 October 2008 07:44

(SURFCHROME.COM) - Liu Die Yu of the research lab Topsec TianRonXin in Beijing reports of a spoofing vulnerability within Google Chrome allowing for attackers to imitate or "spoof" the address bar or URL of legitimate sites such as Paypal, Citibank, and eBay.

Liu Die Yu created a proof of concept exhibiting how he can make the Google Chrome URL to appear as while visiting a different site under his control.  Google representatives report that this is a "known issue" to be fixed in future versions.  Development version available on the Dev Channel is known to resolve this issue.  

google chrome URL spoofing

Greasemonkey Goes Native in Google Chrome Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Sunday, 19 October 2008 18:51
greasemonkey(SURFCHROME.COM) - Google Chrome continues to rewrite the books adding native support for Greasemonkey.  Greasemonkey is popular extension previously exclusive to Firefox for allowing for installation of scripts and operational changes to most HTML based sites.  Google announced future intentions for Google Chrome to support Greasemonkey natively starting in build 3601.  Greasemonkey was already available on the open source version Chromium starting at version 3499. 
Google Chrome Blacklists Syria, Iran, North Korea, and More Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Wednesday, 15 October 2008 06:46

mahmoud ahmadinejad(SURFCHROME.COM) - In this increasingly global economy, even open source software like Google Chrome is affected by politics and borders.  The battle lines have been drawn, and cyberspace has become increasingly hostile.  Google attempts to "do no evil" and in the process they have blocked Google Chrome from those considered enemies of the state.  

Export Control

Apparently, it is the responsibility of the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) to implement and enforce the United States Export Administration Regulations (EAR).  To comply with increasingly enforced Export Controls, Google has blocked Chrome downloads from a number of embargoed countries and those designated as supporting terrorist activities including Syria, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba.  Severe penalties can be both Criminal and Civil.  Criminal export control violations can include up to $1 million per violation and a maximum of 10 years imprisonment.  Civil penalties can be up to $500,000 per violation.


What coding does Google Chrome have that prevents it from being used in blocked countries?  We can only speculate why but based on past history, most likely it is due to the encryption and possibly new technologies like incognito mode.  Software that contained high levels of encryption was previously forbidden from exiting many Western countries.  Europe's Western Union is considered by the US to be a license free zone.  In 2004, the transport of encryption technology became more lax to adjust for the global economy, however, the United States Bureau of Industry and Security still maintains high encryption export control standards for anything over 64bit.


Google has to try their best to comply with US laws and regulations but there are ways to get around these restrictions.  Some use proxy servers to configure their surfing habits to make it seem they are from another country.  There are also locations for the complete download since many individuals have firewalls that prevent complete installation of Google Chrome over the internet. 

Chrome and Google Stock Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Monday, 06 October 2008 05:45

google chart goog(SURFCHROME.COM) - Even the mighty Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) hasn't been invulnerable to the recent financial meltdown in the stock market proving Isaac Newton's theory that what goes up must come down.  During trading hours Friday October 2, 2008, Google Chrome was the main focus in a CNBC interview with Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products and User Experience at Google.  Interestingly, CNBC chose to do a split screen during the interview showing Google stock which has been plummeting off its highs over the past year.  Marissa Mayer was well spoken and was very articulate but did use a few terms such as UI, JavaScript and HTML that are probably unheard of by the average CNBC viewer.  Mayer also described the objective of Chrome's release was to advance the overall browser market and encourage innovation in web applications.

Below, we transcribed the interview word for word for your viewing pleasure.

CNBC: Google is a company that is focused obsessively on the future.  What are you doing right now?  What is the biggest innovation that is constructive that's going on?

Marissa Mayer: Well that's right. We really are very focused on innovation and in September alone, we had a lot of new product launches.  One of the product launches I was most happy with was our Chrome Browser launch.  Just looking at how do browsers work on the web and looking at how can we move that forward.  How can we innovate on that.  How can we handle JavaScript better.  How can we cleanup the UI so we can see more of the web page.  How can we change tabs so when one of the tabs crashes it doesn't take down your whole browser.  But asking those kind of why questions are what really leads to innovation."

One thing that I notice recently that on Google is that when it started, that when I type something into the search bar it started finishing it for me and giving me all sorts of different options and saying how many solutions, shall we say, or web hits came up on each one.  What's the response to that so far? Sometimes I love it and sometimes I click on the wrong thing by accident and get a little annoyed.

Marissa Mayer: Well, that product is called Google Suggest and you're right we have it on the homepage so when you start typing your search, we give you possible expansions.  Possible queries.  And the response has been really great because one thing that we noticed is that sometimes users don't know exactly what they want or don't know what exactly is the vocabulary around what they're looking for is.  And so this really gives us a chance to offer up some suggestions.  And we that our users actually misspell less often and they find the results they're looking for because they do fewer queries.

CNBC: Let's get back to the subject of the browser for a moment.  What are your hopes for that?  Do you want to replace IE (Internet Explorer)?

Marissa Mayer: Well, we really want to make sure that the web is advancing as a platform and we really want openness which is why chrome is an open source browser.  Which is why all the code we wrote for the browser is open source and we hope that other people will build on it and add to it.  But our hope here is really to try and advance browsers overall so we really like what we've done with our browser and we think that this also means that a lot of the other browsers will start innovating in the same way.  For example, over the past 10 years browsers have really advanced in HTML. They've gotten really good at rendering it.  It's very fast.  But more and more on the web, things are using JavaScript.  So for example, Gmail and Google Maps and everything that feels kind of like an app in your browser is actually based on code called JavaScript which is different than HTML.  So we rewrote the engine for Java script because we've seen that very little had been done to innovate, and improve, and optimize the way JavaScript gets handled.

First Month Chrome Statistics Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Thursday, 02 October 2008 06:42

Google Chrome First Month Statistics(SURFCHROME.COM) - When Google Chrome was released last month, the initial numbers were impressive.  Google Chrome made huge market penetration into the competitive browser market in only its first few days of release.  Some pundits questioned,

"But how will it do one month from now?" 

This was an important question indeed probing how many of those trying Google Chrome would still continue using the product.  Many wondered what would be the retention rate one month later when the media hype died down.  Would those trying this beta product dump it after their initial test drive?

We've compiled the numbers for SURFCHROME.COM using a number of pie and line graphs to help answer those questions and the results are impressive.  Google Chrome seems to have maintained its leadership role over the past month and the numbers appear to be holding steady.  Firefox made a significant drop over that time while Internet Explorer made a slight comeback. 

NOTE: The results of other websites may vary depending on the niche market.  This site mainly appeals to technology geeks or those seeking solutions to their Google Chrome inquiries or problems.

Line Chart Google Chrome Statistics

DATE Chrome Firefox IE Safari Opera
9/02 to 9/09 51.74 35.23 8.39 2.34 1.19
9/10 to 9/16 58.05 27.97 9.52 1.69 2.02
9/17 to 9/23 55.97 24.11 16.3 1.08 1.64
9/24 to 9/30 54.85 28.82 11.85 2.33 1.21



Google Turns 10 Years Old Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Saturday, 27 September 2008 12:14

google pr update(SURFCHROME.COM) - Google had a birthday today 10 years after officially opening their doors on September 27, 1998.  To award webmasters, Google also did a Page Rank (PR) update which was expected in November.  Page Rank is an algorithm patented by Google for measuring a website's relative importance on the Internet ranking sites from PR0 to PR10.  What is interesting is that this site SURFCHROME.COM was given a PR 4 which usually takes several years to achieve.  What is more amazing is that this little site about Google Chrome achieved this lofty goal in only 3 weeks and 4 days. So Happy Birthday Google and thanks for the present. 

Update: PR has been unstable over the last week going back to unranked, to 4 again and now 0.  

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