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Incognito Flash Cookie Vulnerability Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Tuesday, 23 September 2008 09:14

Incognito Window Mode(SURFCHROME.COM) - In response to our article Incognito Mode Forensics, we received information regarding a Flash Cookie vulnerability within the incognito mode of Google Chrome.  After doing further research, we found a blog post by David Ehrmann who describes these cookies more as Flash SharedObjects which behave similar to cookies and allow flash applets to store information locally.  Unfortunately, this information can still be retrieved by other websites to see what sites you have visited.  This is a problem exposed in the privacy mode of other browsers.  The solution would be to disable Flash but Google Chrome does not have that option (yet).  Ehrmann also provides more details and a proof of concept at his site stating,

"When playing with s3mp in Incognito mode, I found a disturbing security hole that allows "cookies" to not only be retained between Incognito sessions, but leak from a regular session to Incognito." read more...

Google Chrome Meets Autumn Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Monday, 22 September 2008 18:54
google autumn logo(SURFCHROME.COM) - As we visit the Google homepage, you will notice that Google Chrome no longer has a download link direct from the homepage. Visitors actually have to search for it.  Has the end of Summer marked a season ending injury for Google Chrome?  Is dropping Chrome from the homepage a metaphor of Autumn leaves dropping from trees?  Fact is, we have no way of predicting how this may play out in Google's quest for world conquest of the browser market.  I can tell you that if I did know, I'd probably be on my way to Vegas living the life of a Gangster Rapper.
Patch Fix for Synaptics Touchpad Scroll Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Friday, 19 September 2008 14:27

synaptics scroll touchpad fix(SURFCHROME.COM) - For those on laptops, surfing on Google Chrome has been a big hassle because the scroll feature did not work when attempting to scroll upward in the Chrome browser.  This applied to laptops using the Synaptics Touchpad.  Even after nearly three weeks the problem had yet to be resolved by the automated Google Chrome Updates.  Thanks to Paulus Dev for his patch to fix the scroll issue.  Paul states, 

"For anyone who wishes to fix the issue quickly, I have released a patcher. You can download it here:

Just run chrome_patch.exe. It will patch chrome.dll to fix the issue."
Chrome Encroaching on Firefox's Share Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Wednesday, 17 September 2008 09:25

Google Chrome Browser Stats(SURFCHROME.COM) - In a perfect world, wishful thinkers hoped for Google to leapfrog over Mozilla Firefox and compete directly with Microsoft for Internet Explorer's share of the browser market. Tech geeks wish Google Chrome would give Microsoft Internet Explorer a run for its money and drive that virus laden browser out of commission.  Unfortunately, statistics reveal that market share for Google Chrome appears to be rising at the expense of Mozilla Firefox.

But how can it compete with FireFox and not Internet Explorer?  'I'm so confused!"

Here's a theory on why Chrome is more likely to compete with Firefox than Internet Explorer.  Generally, it's the tech savvy individuals that venture to download and install other web browsers as they seek a more secure surfing experience.  The problem is, most people are not tech savvy and settle for the default web browser built into their Operating System which happens to be Microsoft Internet Explorer. The majority of users don't bother to change their default browser, however, for those willing to venture for alternatives there was Firefox, Safari, and die hard Opera fans.   If we add Google Chrome to the mix, those willing to download Firefox might get swayed by Google Chrome.  

The following chart and table represents visitor statistics to SURFCHROME.COM revealing growing market share for Google Chrome and decreasing market share for Mozilla Firefox.  Also note that visits by Internet Explorer users have been relatively steady over the last couple weeks.

chrome firefox ie statistics chart

DATE Chrome Firefox IE Safari Opera
9/02 to 9/02 18.64 64.41 10.17 1.69 3.39
9/02 to 9/03 35.14 47.57 11.89 2.16 2.16
9/02 to 9/04 33.26 47.26 12.67 4.11 2.05
9/02 to 9/05 40.67 41.11 13.11 2.67 1.78
9/02 to 9/06 45.87 37.77 11.13 2.53 2.02
9/02 to 9/07 52.57 33.41 9.58 2.39 1.60
9/02 to 9/08 48.94 37.28 8.76 2.96 1.27
9/02 to 9/09 51.74 35.23 8.39 2.34 1.19
9/02 to 9/10 52.11 34.63 8.46 2.25 1.51
9/02 to 9/11 52.86 33.66 8.73 2.13 1.66
9/02 to 9/12 53.51 33.10 8.74 1.98 1.69
9/02 to 9/13 54.54 32.28 8.70 1.92 1.66
9/02 to 9/14 55.24 31.40 8.84 1.94 1.65
9/02 to 9/15 55.74 31.14 8.78 2.00 1.66
9/02 to 9/16 55.49 30.92 9.06 1.95 1.68
Chromium Available for MAC and Linux Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Tuesday, 16 September 2008 08:53

mac linux google chrome Chromium(SURFCHROME.COM) - The guys over at CodeWeavers have released several versions of the open source version of Chrome (called Chromium).  CodeWeavers' version is called CrossOver Chromium and is available for download in both Apple Macintosh and Linux versions from the following source.


PageRank (PR) for Chrome Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Monday, 15 September 2008 07:07

(SURFCHROME.COM) - Thanks to irunbackwards at the Digital Point forums, we have a bookmark script that allows Chrome users to check a site's Page Rank in the google browser.  PageRank is a hyperlink analysis algorithm pattented by Google for the purpose of measuring a site's importance which is helpful for webmasters. These actions were completed by SURFCHROME staff and it's an easy setup that just takes seconds.  Best of all, it works.  Irunbackwards states:

Here is a nifty little way to check the PR of a website or page from within Google Chrome!

Just make a new bookmark in your bookmarks toolbar, and add this as the link (all on one line with no breaks):

/index.php?url="+escape(location.href),"Check Page Rank","height=100,width=400,top=0,left=0,location=0"))

Now, whenever you are visiting a page, just click the bookmark button we just made to check its Page Rank!

Script by me, using TRYNT API.

Page Rank Script

Google Chrome Spyware Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Thursday, 11 September 2008 08:41

google chrome spyware(SURFCHROME.COM) - What's wrong with privacy advocates?  Have they become so jaded and jilted with phishing attacks and SPAM that the can't enjoy free software that boasts faster speeds and revolutionary tab processing?  This must worry Google a great deal because you have to wonder if a browser that features an Incognito Mode which erases all surfing activities is unable to draw privacy freaks, what possibly can?  Many privacy advocates can't help but cluck and grimace as they monitor loads of data flowing from their computers to Google headquarters.  They shake their heads and fists at Google as data is transmitted in a frenzy to IP address (Google) simply for placing their mouse in the address bar.  Privacy advocates argue that the only folks that will use Google Chrome are either people that don't know or just don't care that their privacy is being violated. Yea, right.  Whatever.


During install, simply don't click the checkmark under the TOS that states "Optional: Help make Chrome better by automatically sending usage statistics and crash reports to Google." I'm finding many of these privacy experts just blindly click the box thinking it's an agreement to Google Chrome's TOS even though they haven't bothered to read the TOS.  If you've already clicked the check box and installed Google Chrome, you can uncheck this via the Wrench > Options > Under the Hood tab.

google chrome under the hood spyware


Further Traffic Expectations

Even after unclicking the check box, expect further data to travel from your computer to Google.  Google's automatic update feature is set to check for new updates daily and makes the appropriate downloads accordingly.  For purposes of patching any security holes, there is no option to disable updates to Google Chrome which does make sense from a security standpoint.  Similar to Firefox 3, Google Chrome periodically downloads a list of sites thought to be related to malware or phishing scams and before browsing those sites, Chrome will warn you in accordance with their Safe Browsing Protocol.  Lastly, Google Chrome is open source which allows each user the ability to investigate the source code and verify any security leaks within the browser for themselves.  I know going through the code is too arduous a task for most surfers, but at least that option is out there.

Chrome Browser Statistics Week 1 Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Wednesday, 10 September 2008 08:41

google chrome browser stats(SURFCHROME.COM) - Battle lines are being redrawn as Google Chrome enters into the Browser War.  Each web browser is fighting for a precious share in the already competitive market for your viewership.  The following number represents the Google Chrome statistics for SURFCHROME.COM as reported by Google Analytics.  This site tends to get a more technical crowd that are daring enough to install new software.  It also attracts Chrome users from the web searching for resolutions to their problems and questions.  Because we have such a large percentage of web geeks and technical savvy internet users, we've collaborated with a couple other sites that shared their statistics for a more well rounded view of the browser market. One site is for a male celebrity with the demographics being focused toward a young female audience. On the other extreme, we have a forum site with demographics for males 30-50 for the discussion of the women in their lives.  What will be interesting is the metrics indicating how many users Google Chrome can retain after one month from release.


DATE Chrome Firefox IE Safari Opera Mozilla
9/2/2008 18.64 64.41 10.17 1.69 3.39 1.69
9/3/2008 42.86 39.68 12.70 2.38 1.59 0.79
9/4/2008 29.91 46.73 14.02 7.48 1.87 0.00
9/5/2008 54.43 29.75 13.92 0.00 1.27 0.63
9/6/2008 62.24 27.27 4.90 2.10 2.80 0.70
9/7/2008 66.55 24.30 6.34 2.11 0.70 0.00
9/8/2008 44.86 41.65 7.84 3.60 0.90 0.77
9/9/2008 59.34 29.67 7.38 0.66 0.98 1.80
9/2 to 9/9 51.74 35.23 8.39 2.34 1.19 0.93
9/2 to 9/9 0.52 22.40 69.68 5.00 1.74 0.35
9/2 to 9/9 1.72 31.29 59.68 5.85 1.03 0.12

Graphic: Statistics from (1), (2) and (3) a relationship forum that wishes to remain anonymous.

Click image to open!
Click image to open!
Click image to open!



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Visitor Stats

55.02% Chrome
27.52% Firefox
13.12% Internet Explorer
01.80% Safari
01.74% Opera
00.53% Mozilla

09/02/2008 to 11/08/2008


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