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Written by chi   
Tuesday, 02 September 2008 18:29

Incognito Window Mode(SURFCHROME.COM) - In my early hours of installation and surfing the various forums, I saw reference online to an "Incognito Mode" which is the "Incognito Window" feature available from the page icon at the top right corner.  Many are already referring to it as Porn Mode.  Google Chrome has an Incognito mode where pages and files downloaded will not be logged or cached (saved) in your browsing and download history. All cookies, graphics, and history will be erased once the Incognito Window is closed. 

Think of incognito as a "privacy mode" to prevent tracking from those local and also by websites sharing data about you. Since the advent of browsing the web in the 90's, parents have been slapping their kids around for their surfing habits.  Spouses have been busting each other and using computer data in court cases for custody battle.  Incognito mode throws a wrench into the whole spy game by hiding your tracks.

This is probably the most revolutionary feature to be built into current browsers since pop-up blockers.  We say current browsers because  Microsoft has been testing a similar feature in Internet Explorer v8 (Beta 2) called "In Private" mode which also does not save browsing, search history, cookies, form data or passwords with automatic clearing of browser cache. 

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asrai   | |2008-09-03 03:33:48
Firefox has a similar thing. You can choose the option to delete all private
data when you close all your windows.
cactus   | |2008-09-08 20:12:35
Firefox has a similar thing, except it's not. If a kid automatically clears all
his browser's data every time, mom knows something's up. Stealth mode leaves NO
trace -- while deleting all of your day's browsing is, in itself, a trace.
leo   | |2008-09-09 03:28:07
Actually Apple's Safari has already the feature built in. It's called Private
Mike   | |2008-09-09 18:53:33
Unfortunatly Chrome's Incognito mode isnt't realy private. It keeps so-called
"flash cookies" even after leaving the Incognito mode. So every website
can still keep track on you using this technique. And other users of your
computer can see where you have been surfed too.
anon   | |2008-09-15 03:43:47
What do you go on to find your previous browsing history on Incognito mode then?
Shantanu Goel  - "Real" incognito mode in firefox   | |2008-09-10 05:50:13
You can do the same thing in firefox as well, i.e., stealth browsing/incognito
mode and that too WITHOUT any kind of extension/plugin/addon etc. It is already
built in in firefox. See this:
fox-incognito-mode-is-here-move-over-chromeie8.htm l

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