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Patch Fix for Synaptics Touchpad Scroll Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Friday, 19 September 2008 13:27

synaptics scroll touchpad fix(SURFCHROME.COM) - For those on laptops, surfing on Google Chrome has been a big hassle because the scroll feature did not work when attempting to scroll upward in the Chrome browser.  This applied to laptops using the Synaptics Touchpad.  Even after nearly three weeks the problem had yet to be resolved by the automated Google Chrome Updates.  Thanks to Paulus Dev for his patch to fix the scroll issue.  Paul states, 

"For anyone who wishes to fix the issue quickly, I have released a patcher. You can download it here:

Just run chrome_patch.exe. It will patch chrome.dll to fix the issue."
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lindt   | |2008-09-26 17:07:57
It really works

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