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Written by chi   
Tuesday, 23 September 2008 09:14

Incognito Window Mode(SURFCHROME.COM) - In response to our article Incognito Mode Forensics, we received information regarding a Flash Cookie vulnerability within the incognito mode of Google Chrome.  After doing further research, we found a blog post by David Ehrmann who describes these cookies more as Flash SharedObjects which behave similar to cookies and allow flash applets to store information locally.  Unfortunately, this information can still be retrieved by other websites to see what sites you have visited.  This is a problem exposed in the privacy mode of other browsers.  The solution would be to disable Flash but Google Chrome does not have that option (yet).  Ehrmann also provides more details and a proof of concept at his site stating,

"When playing with s3mp in Incognito mode, I found a disturbing security hole that allows "cookies" to not only be retained between Incognito sessions, but leak from a regular session to Incognito." read more...

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Speedmaster  - Sad Chrome? ...     | |2008-09-25 00:50:51
Fun blog, glad I found it. ;-)

Have you seen the Sad Chrome yet?
GQsm   | |2008-10-19 07:49:34
I changed my Chrome shortcut to
“C:\Documents and
Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application
Data\Google\Chrome” -disable-plugins

That disables flash (and
quicktime among others) for me. To be fair most things I look at I don't want
those plugins inteferring.
Javascript seems unaffected so my browsing is
extremely quick and happy now.

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