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Scroll Up Fails on Synaptics Touchpad (FIX) Print E-mail
Written by chi   
Wednesday, 03 September 2008 10:45

(SURFCHROME.COM) - The scroll feature will not work when attempting to scroll upward when using a Synaptics Touchpad.  This chrome touchpad scrolling issue may be experienced on Acer, Dell, Toshiba, HP Compaq, Gateway, LG, Samsung, Asus, among other laptops that use the Synaptics Touchpad for navigation.

UPDATE: See Patch Fix for Synaptics Touchpad Scroll for the patch.  

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Joseph  - Dell   | |2008-09-07 13:37:41
Don't forget Dell...
Michael  - and Samsung   | |2008-09-09 08:43:43
add Samsung R510 to the list
Jim  - solution?   | |2008-09-11 07:39:06
mine too, did u ever find a solution?
Pablo  - My LG E500 too.   | |2008-09-10 01:32:28
My LG E500 too.
vrana   | |2008-09-10 05:08:57
and ASUS...
Sunnysky  - Scroll Up has always failed on Firefox   | |2008-09-11 08:04:36
who has a fix?
kovan   | |2008-09-11 08:20:32
And Acer
Jim  - fix   | |2008-09-11 08:23:51
I just downloaded the driver again from my laptops website and reinstalled,
seems to be workin for the moment, good luck with yours
nathan  - Eee PC 4G - WinXP   | |2008-09-12 12:04:49
Problem exists on Asus Eee PC 4G running WinXP SP3 too.
Sean  - re: Eee PC 4G - WinXP   | |2008-09-12 22:32:50
And on the NEC Versa M400 - though it's an old laptop. Where can we find the
latest drivers?
Jim  - Solution again   | |2008-09-13 02:26:48
like i said, go to your laptops website, in your case sean, the nec website,
search for your laptop and latest drivers and download the touchpad one again.
failing that, go to the synaptics website and search for the latest drivers from
there tho even they say its best to go to your own brands website.
Will  - No dice   | |2008-09-15 08:05:20
I downloaded and installed the latest driver for the touchpad and the problem
remains. I'm on a Gateway T-1628.
OnADell  - Works for Me...   | |2008-09-14 05:46:47
My synaptics touchpad on my Dell Inspiron 6400 works and has worked perfectly
since I installed Chrome...
acer aspire to  - not work touchpad on up nad left   | |2008-09-17 19:01:33
Not Work Please Fix to Use Chrome
Joe  - not working for   | |2008-09-18 12:26:42
Alienware laptops either
Paulus  - Quick fix   | |2008-09-19 02:36:57
For anyone who wishes to fix the issue quickly, I have released a patcher. You
can download it here:

Just run
chrome_patch.exe. It will patch chrome.dll to fix the issue.
ish   | |2008-09-20 20:02:07
Awesome Paulus. It works really well - saving me a lot of frustration. Nice
PaulusDev  - The Fix     | |2008-09-24 10:17:42
Here is the digg link
Will  - That did it!   | |2008-09-26 08:48:37
jayho  - SICK     | |2008-09-21 04:12:48
Knince   | |2008-09-25 09:41:53
FINALLY! If you’re having trouble with your synaptics driver not allowing you
to scroll in Chrome, go download this updated driver on the synaptics website
and then restart. fm

I tried the
patch and the “fixes”. This is the only thing that finally solved my
jattboy005   | |2008-09-26 05:04:52
very nice way to fix soultion really workedlllll
Rudzik   | |2008-09-28 04:59:07
Thank you!
JoeyPandesal  - it worked!   | |2008-10-12 08:12:22
guys regardless of laptop brand, this patch is for those using synaptics

it works.

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